Sempervivi is a punk rock band from Lexington, KY on Bad Apple Records. Stream the LP “Can’t Please Everyone” here!

About Sempervivi

Sempervivi is a punk rock band based in Lexington, KY. The project began in 2015 when Derek Price left Analog Apostles to go solo, beginning with the acoustic EP “Artifacts”. After a rigorous live  schedule, Price joined with friends at Sneak Attack Recording Co to track the 2017 full band EP “Always Alive”. Later that year, Sempervivi expanded into a full time band. Short tours soon earned new fans throughout Kentucky and Ohio.

In 2019, Bad Apple Records released the band’s first full length “Can’t Please Everyone”. The band refined their pop punk sound, mixing it with  hardcore punk, folk punk, and Celtic melodies to create a record with something for everyone. Sempervivi’s following at shows and on social media continues to grow as the affable Kentucky group hurtles into the 2020s.

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  • Band Anniversary - Remembering the debut show in Owensboro, Kentucky5 Year Bandiversary!
    Wowzers. Today marks the five year anniversary of this wild musical ride. On September 5th, 2015, I played the first Sempervivi show, an after party for the East Bridge Music Festival in Owensboro, KY. I had just finished playing guitar in a set with All Around the Dinner Table. The temperature was […]