Mister Social

The past few weeks, I’ve set a goal for myself to post a new Youtube performance video each week. Some songs are covers, some are songs from bands I used to be in, and some are new originals. This is to both help me stay disciplined about playing regularly, and to have a weekly outlet to promote the music I’m working on now. When I was in Analog Apostles, I was the social media ambassador, posting something pretty much every day. Now, I stay pretty busy taking care of my son and working at home, so posting a few times a week is just about right.

Things are lining up really well for my acoustic EP, which I’ll be recording in Bowling Green, KY April 24th-25th. I’ll have a whole more info on that soon. If you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing music-wise, hit me up on all of my social media channels. I’m on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, in addition to my Youtube channel. Follow, subscribe, all that good stuff!

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