BalconyTV Full Band Performance

I was honored recently to be asked to perform a song on BalconyTV. For those who are unfamiliar, BTV is a web series of performances from balconies and rooftops all over the world. The Kentucky branch set up a shooting date, but I wanted to do it big. I assembled an acoustic band of some good friends: Fred Birch on bass (Gnargasm, Galaxies), Derek Sloan on lead guitar, and Aaron Farris, who played drums with my previous band Analog Apostles.

I usually close solo sets with “My Lullaby” so I chose that song to film. Wes Kawaja did a great job mixing the audio, and Rhyan Sinclair was an excellent host. I actually realized right before we started filming that this was the very first full band Sempervivi performance, a huge milestone for this project. The guys in the band did a great job, so watch and vote for our video here!

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