Sempervivi is a punk rock band from Lexington, KY on Bad Apple Records.

About Sempervivi

Sempervivi is a punk rock trio based in Lexington, KY. The project began in 2015 when Derek Price left Analog Apostles to go solo. Years of backburnered songs materialized in the debut acoustic EP “Artifacts”. After a rigorous liveĀ  schedule, Price joined with friends at Sneak Attack Recording Co to track the 2017 full band EP “Always Alive”. Later that year, Sempervivi expanded into a full time band. New songs emerged, further exploring the project’s punk and indie rock roots. Short tours soon earned new fans throughout Kentucky and Ohio.

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Bandmate meeting in the basement practice lair

All Together Now

What is it they say about finding what you’re looking for when you least expect it? In June, Sempervivi played back to back gigs in Newport and Dayton before Rob and Jon split for new projects. Months into my search for each new bandmate I needed, I actually started to wonder if this group had […]